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Join the Musa family andapply here if you are in line with our corporate culture!

The corporate culture of Musa 

Corporate culture is not just a table football table in the open space or words written at the entrance to the locker room! It's much more than that. It is a true internal guide for the company, an implicit language that allows each member to act and initiate actions on behalf of the company, without the need for a rigid framework and specific rules for the direct.

At Musa Paris, this is manifested by a recruitment approach which favors the personal profile rather than technical skills, and which brings together people sharing the same values. This creates constant harmony between all departments, in pleasant moments as well as in difficulties, which are also part of corporate life.

If you recognize yourself in these values, it does not necessarily mean that you are right, but that you are in tune with us. In this case, we invite you to join us by applyinghere !


Mutual aid

At Musa, there are no cooks who complain about the waiters, no bartenders who tell themselves that the housekeeper will clean up, or no newbies who tackle all the thankless tasks alone. Mutual aid is the company's primary value, the one that makes us always feel supported, that we are together in good times and bad and that we are never alone when we have a juice! Bonus, if you are empathetic, you will naturally be willing to help.



The value that promotes mutual assistance. No ego, no superstars, the first page of Musa magazine is always dedicated to the collective!


The sharing

Because in a business life there are also, fortunately, moments of leisure and conviviality. We meet up outside of restaurants to spend great times together!

The human

It's a word that sounds hollow, overused as it is, because it's often misused. We are talking here about profiles, people who have common values, people who are honest towards others and themselves, who can work together as a team. spend hours chatting leaning at the counter or by the pool during a “seminar”!

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The pleasure of learning

Once we recruit the right people, their desire to learn, the autonomy we give them and the investment in their training will do the rest of the work and allow them to achieve all their goals. All technical skills can be acquired. How quickly you master them depends solely on each individual’s determination!



Because it rhymes with restoration and that without passion, we are just ghosts struggling to exist in a world that doesn't understand us. If you don't go to work with a smile, there's something else somewhere that's made for you!


The sense of welcome

We are constantly focused on the customer and the desire to give them the best possible time. Without this, the company cannot exist and therefore cannot continue to convey these values.

Thanks to humility we learn that if the customer is not always right, he is never wrong :)


Because we only live once and we tend to forget it. Sometimes we no longer know the difference between work and pleasure because we're having so much fun. This isn't always the case, we're not going to lie, but it feels good to have this approach!

We do things seriously but never take ourselves seriously!

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