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Make your group reservations easier at Musa restaurants


Hello to you, flavor finder!

From Sunday to Wednesday, you can book without any conditions, as long as you dine with us, otherwise let us know in the comments and we will set you up at the bar or high table. For Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday evenings, it's a bit more specific:

  • For a classic dinner, each guest must order at least two dishes and we guarantee as many seats as guests.

  • No total privatization, except on Sunday evening or during the day during the week. Contact us for a quote at as we also offer catering services so anything is possible!

  • For a cocktail dinner, privatization of a space possible from 10 people. We will ask you how many people will come at 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. to organize the space.

  • One dish per guest is required for a cocktail dinner.

  • For large events or company reservations, we offer a catering menu on quote, do not hesitate to ask for it in the comments!

  • 75% of your group must be there before 8 p.m.

  • We offer you a 10% discount on food if you invite all your guests.

  • No extension of happy hour, our cocktails are already super value for money.

  • No deposit or down payment requested for less than 800€ of pre-order, we are cool and plan to stay that way so we count on you not to disappoint us :)

  • On weekends, it gets festive from 10 p.m. House music then general and dancing music, but you can't choose the titles.

Need more info? Do not hesitate to ask us questions in the comments of your reservation! :)

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